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A Quick Guide to Using Powers in Bejeweled Stars

One of our favorite features in Bejeweled Stars is the ability to collect SkyGems and create Powers (AKA boosts). Here's a quick overview of how it works and some advice about how to get the most from your experience!


What are SkyGems?

SkyGems are special Gems that can be collected in any level. Collecting them is easy: just match them like any regular Gem. Once a SkyGem has been cleared from your board, it will be added to your inventory. Red, White, Blue, and Purple SkyGems are common, while Green, Yellow, and Orange SkyGems are rare. If you spot a rare SkyGem on your board, you might feel extra compelled to try to collect it!




Why collect them?

You need SkyGems to create different kinds of Powers. Each Power requires a different combination of SkyGems. The more SkyGems you collect, the easier it is to make Powers.

Every color SkyGem can be found by playing levels in Bejeweled Stars, but there are bonus activities you can complete to collect more SkyGems. Here's a quick cheat sheet to tracking down exactly the color you need.



What's so great about Powers?

Apart from the explosions?! Powers allow you to make changes to your board that make it easier to win. Does your board have a lot of Stone? Use the Flame Swapper Power to add extra Flame Gems. Is a Butterfly about to escape? Use FlutterGust to push it down a row. 

You can also use Powers to create Charm Keys or Chicken Treats. Charm Keys unlock Charm Chests, and Chicken Treats can be fed to Henrietta the SurpriseChicken. When fed, Henrietta dispenses sweet rewards — hearts or even SkyGems.

You won't be able to make every Power right away. The more levels you play in Bejeweled Stars, the more Powers you will unlock. Every time you unlock a new Power, Corvus gives you a free one to test out.



But won't Powers hurt my score?

Nope. You can use as many Powers as you like without hurting your score. Or you can choose to play without using Powers. It is possible to earn three stars in every level without using a single Power. It's your decision how you choose to play.

So how exactly do I make Powers?

It's super easy! At any time in the game—even in the middle of a level—tap the lightning bolt at the bottom of your screen to access the PowerLab. From there, just select the Power you want to create to see descriptions of each Power, and to see exactly how many SkyGems you have and how many SkyGems you'll need. When you've made your decision, click Create!



Once your Power is brewing, you can either wait for the timer to run down or you can spend coins to hurry things up.

You can only make one Power at a time, and some Powers take several hours to finish, so it's a good idea to start making a new one as soon as the last one is finished.

Not sure when to use a Power? Here's a handy guide to get you started.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make some Powers!