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5 New Ways to Play with Bejeweled Stars


Tips to get the most out of Bejeweled Stars

In Bejeweled Stars™, the game board comes to life in ways you've never experienced before. You're empowered with new ways to match, and incredible Powers to take control of your game.


Create Powers


For the first time ever, create your own Powers using SkyGems you collect through your expert matching. Create the Powers that you want, and use them to open new ways to solve tricky levels. Create these Powers and light up the sky.

Rebuild the Night Sky

Using your brilliant matching skills, you can earn up to three stars for each level you complete, which will be used to rebuild the magnificent Constellations! As you complete sections of these constellations, you'll unlock new rewards, and when you've fully completed one, you'll get something truly incredible—special Powers that dramatically change how you tackle challenges!

Flow with Currents

In Bejeweled Stars, the game board comes to life - and you can often decide when and how. Currents move strings of gems around the board as they flow on strong gusts of air. By learning how they shift gems with every move you make, you can master Currents and use them to your advantage in creating even more brilliant matches.

Move the Clouds

Entire sections of the game board can move in Bejeweled Stars. Lift up gem-filled clouds and drop them into different sections of the board to create explosive cascades. By moving Clouds, you can open up new matches, or even create matches without using one of your turns.

Master Chambers

Chambers are spaces that gems can only enter if you move them there. Manipulate gem placement, store up Flame and Star gems, or shift Hypercubes over without causing them to match - so you can better choose the color you want them to affect. Chambers open up incredible potential for creative play.

Experience even more new ways to play with Bejeweled Stars, now available on iOS and Google Play. Download it for free*.

*Network fees may apply.