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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Introduces a New Bejeweled Event


It's Cat Week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Bejeweled™ Stars is celebrating with a special limited-time event: Kitty Frenzy!

Here's How It Works

From now until October 17, all of the Purple Gems in Bejeweled Stars will be magically transformed into adorable kitties. Every time you match these kitties (they still match just like ordinary Gems), they'll be added to a special Kitty Counter. The more kitties you collect, the more free rewards you unlock!


If everyone in the Bejeweled community can work together to collect a billion kitties, then everyone gets an additional free reward.

At any time during the event, you can check on your progress by looking at the Kitty Counter in your app. You can also watch the community's progress on


Don't forget, Bejeweled Stars is now available on Facebook, so you can enjoy Kitty Frenzy from your PC, too.

Happy Cat Week!

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