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Bejeweled Stars for Blitz Fans


How to dive into Bejeweled Stars for Bejeweled Blitz players

Bejeweled Stars™ is a whole new way to experience Match-3 games. For fans of Bejeweled Blitz, you'll find so much of what you love in this game, but Bejeweled Stars is also filled with whole new experiences, and completely new ways to play.


Create Your Own Powers


Everyone loves getting Rare Gems in Bejeweled Blitz. These powerful gems allow you to change how you play Bejeweled, and they give you the opportunity to boost your score to new heights. Rare Gems still exist in Bejeweled Stars in the form of Powers. However, you won't have to hope you're lucky enough to earn them while you play - you'll be able to create them!

While playing Bejeweled Stars, keep an eye out for SkyGems, which you collect by making matches with them. In the crafting screen, you can combine these SkyGems to create special Powers like Flame Swapper, Scrambler, Blazing Steed, and more.

• Collect SkyGems while you play

• Choose the Power you want to create

• Use your Power to open new ways to complete challenging levels


Strategic Matching

Speed defines the Bejeweled Blitz experience. As any player knows, you have a limited time to make as many moves as you can, and it is up to you to make sure they're the best ones possible. If you aren't playing quick and smart, you're not going to top the leaderboard.

Where Blitz brings that fast-paced action, Bejeweled Stars lets you carefully consider each move you make. Your skills in identifying the best matches on the board will be essential in completing levels, but you'll also be given the opportunity to make those matches on your own time. There's no time limit in Bejeweled Stars, so you're free to take as long as you'd like on each move. Playing as fast as possible isn't always the best answer.

When you first start playing, try to slow down your matching. Don't just start by looking at what match will give you the most points right away, but how it will help you clear crystals on the board, prevent Butterflies from escaping, and otherwise beat the level.

• Slow your pace and carefully consider your moves

• Consider what will help you solve the level in the fewest turns possible

• Think ahead at what new matches will open with each match you make


A Moving Board

The game board in Bejeweled Blitz is always the same. It's familiar, you know what it will look like, and it plays to the strengths of Blitz. However, Bejeweled Stars adds a whole new dimension - a moving game board. In some levels, Currents will cause gems to flow from place to place with every turn. In others, Glaciers will move whole sections of the board from one place to another - and Clouds allow you to move whole sections on your own whim!

Bejeweled Stars isn't just a game about matching gems, but also about learning how the game boards move in each level, and using that to your advantage to win, score high, and top your friends.

• Learn how Currents, Glaciers, and Clouds work

• Determine how the board will change with each turn

• Use the moving board to set up even more matches


Progress Onward

Rounds in Bejeweled Blitz stand on their own, with each giving you a chance to improve your score on the weekly leaderboard. Bejeweled Stars offers an even bigger experience.

You'll be able to progress through a wide variety of levels of increasing challenge, improve your score on each level until you've won three stars in each of them, complete daily challenges, rebuild the constellations in the sky, and compete against your friends. There's always something to work towards in Bejeweled Stars.

As you play, you'll also unlock awesome Charms to show off your success and personality. Charms are unique and expressive emojis, and the very heart and language of Bejeweled Stars - use them to tell the world about who you are.

• Rebuild the night sky and unlock incredible rewards

• Collect a huge number of Charms, and use them to show the real you

• Improve your own scores, and race ahead of your friends


A Perfect Match

The best part about Bejeweled Stars and Bejeweled Blitz is how well they go together. If you're in the mood for deep, strategic, thoughtful play, then be sure to open up Bejeweled Stars. When you're feeling like a quick, fast-paced game, Bejeweled Blitz will be there for you, too!