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Bejeweled Stars Gets Its First Major Update!

It's been a little over a month now since Bejeweled Stars launched worldwide, and we've spent that time hard at work on more content for our amazing players. We are so excited to finally be able to share it with you today!

New Levels
If you've already made it through all 205 levels from our initial launch, we've got great news! This update comes with 20 brand-new levels, each one packed with unique and challenging gameplay.


Classic Bejeweled fans might remember this one. Alchemy is a mechanic that lets you to transform tiles on your game board into gold. Make a match to transform the row of tiles below. See if you can turn the entire board gold before you run out of moves!


New Charms (and new ways to use them!)
Not only does this update include five new sets of Charms, but it also adds Charms direct messaging! Make your friends smile by sending them clever combos of your favorite Charms. All you have to do is connect to your Facebook account and the rest is a snap.

New Phoenix Constellation
We want your high scores to make a real, tangible impact on your gameplay—that's why we created Constellations. Stars that you earn with your high scores are turned into Constellations, which earn you rewards like coins, SkyGems, and Powers. We think our newest Constellation—the Phoenix—is pretty great. We can't wait for you to complete it!


New Powers
A new Constellation means we've created a new Power to go alongside it. The PhoenixPrism might look familiar to Blitz fans. You can earn it by completing the Phoenix Constellation. This update also introduces the MicroScrambler. Instead of mixing up your entire game board, it allows you to target a specific three-by-three square of tiles. It gives you more freedom to strategize your solutions to our toughest puzzles.


Bejeweled Stars is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with news and updates.