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See What's New in Bejeweled Stars


The time has come—another major update has just launched for Bejeweled™ Stars! Let's take a look at what's inside.

40 New Levels

Levels everywhere! Levels for days!

We listened to our fans, and for this update we created twice as many levels, each one a unique challenge. If you've connected Bejeweled Stars to your Facebook account, you've now got even more opportunities to race your friends and family across the sky.

New Mechanic FrostBloom

We wouldn't give you more challenges without also giving you an awesome new tool for tackling them. When you make it to level 236, you will get to try our newest mechanic, FrostBloom!

FrostBloom creates an icy explosion that wipes out obstacles on your board. You'll have to be clever about positioning each FrostBloom as it appears at the top of your board. A timer indicates how many turns you've got left before your FrostBloom detonates, giving you time to move it into the perfect spot.


5 New Charm Sets

Once again, we've got even more Charms for you to collect. With Charms Direct Messaging (introduced at our last major update), you can send messages using Charms to your Facebook friends. Or you can update your Charm tag to show your friends what's on your mind. New Charms also mean more opportunities to interact with Yama the CharmLlama, who gives away rewards if you can answer riddles.

Permanent Heart Upgrades

If you just can't get enough of Bejeweled Stars, we have some good news. Head over to our in-app Store and you can now purchase Permanent Heart Upgrades! With one of these upgrades, you'll be able to hold more Hearts, forever! 


Dozens of Tiny Improvements

We wanted to make Bejeweled Stars as clear and fun for our players as possible, so we went through the entire game and added tiny improvements to your gameplay experience. You'll notice that extra hard levels are now labeled, so you can spot them from a mile away. We've also adjusted our menu layout and created a brand-new tiered reward system. Plus, our graphics now look better than ever.

Let us know what you think—update your Bejeweled Stars app today! Or download Bejeweled Stars for the first time from iTunes or Google Play.